Schools Echo-Clubs 

This program is to creating School Eco-Clubs in schools to enhance environmental awareness among students and families. These clubs encourage collaboration between generations, fostering empathy, discussing climate protection, and local ecosystems. Through education, bonding activities, and joint efforts, the initiative aims to motivate shared responsibility for the environment.

The School Eco-Clubs offers a distinctive chance to promote environmental consciousness, intergenerational teamwork, and collective action for climate protection.

Currently, work is ongoing to create (5) pilot Schools Echo-Clubs in five different districts in Slemani province. 

Objectives of the Schools Echo-Clubs 

The initiative aims to develop a holistic understanding of environmental concerns, including climate change, local ecosystems and sustainable methodologies, among pupils, students and their families. It seeks to cultivate significant exchange and dialogue between students and their families, foster relationships across generations and foster collaborative education. Through structured discussions on climate protection, the program seeks to inspire diverse perspectives and common problem-solving methods. Activities designed to strengthen family bonds through interactive environmental education experiences will be organized. In addition, it seeks to instill a sense of accountability and awareness across all age groups through conservation efforts during parent and school meetings, fostering a shared commitment to environmental stewardship.