Climate Protection Action Group

In recent years, Iraq has been severely affected by climate change, with heat waves of above 50˚ C increasing in regularity. Climate change has had devastating effects on water and food security, jeopardizing the livelihoods of Iraqis.

Since ratifying the Paris Agreement in 2021, the outgoing Iraqi government has been making some progress towards stepping up its response to the impacts of climate change, through new adaptations and mitigations strategies.

Despite the high-level political support that the outgoing government is lending to climate change impacts, several significant challenges remain for Iraq. These include inadequate institutional capacities for translating adaptation policies into projects on the ground, insufficient data and analysis concerning the impacts of climate change on different sectors and communities, poor monitoring and reporting procedures, as well as inefficient funding strategies.

This group aims at contributing in protecting the environment in Iraq through awareness raising, researching and studying, guidance of government institutions in regard to climate issues, joint works with relevant government entities and local and international NGOs, partnership with national universities to undertake researches and other activities, publications and other activities in order to face the destruction of climate in Iraq. 

Mission and vision: We aim to collaborating with civil society and other actors working on the ground to strengthen the government’s plans for responding to the unfolding impacts of climate change and turn climate cooperation into a core component of post-war reconstruction and peacebuilding efforts. 

The Climate Protection Action Group is a coalition of organizations committed to addressing the pressing challenges posed by climate change in Iraq. The member organizations, IRO Organization for Community Development, Human Network for Health and Humanitarian Affairs, Arab Organization and Public Aid Organization, have united to tackle the adverse effects of climate change on the country. Through awareness raising, research, collaboration with government and NGOs, partnerships with universities, and various activities, the Group strives to make climate protection a central component of Iraq's development and reconstruction efforts.