The Alliance to Support Freedom of Expression (ASFE)

THE asfe

The Alliance to Support Freedom of Expression (ASFE) is a collaborative effort that brings together several independent media entities, including radio stations, journals, and organizations, with a shared mission to champion freedom of expression and support free media. Founded on the principles of promoting journalistic independence and safeguarding the right to free expression, ASFE focuses on various aspects of media development and protection. The Alliance to Support Freedom of Expression is committed to fostering an environment where media can thrive independently, and where the voices of journalists and media workers can be heard without fear of repression. Through its collaborative efforts and dedicated partner entities, ASFE aims to play a vital role in upholding and advancing the fundamental principles of free expression and media freedom in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.


The Alliance to Support Freedom of Expression (ASFE) has several primary objectives, as outlined here:

  1. Promoting and Monitoring of Freedom of Expression: ASFE will actively work to promote and protect freedom of expression by advocating for policies that safeguard this right. They will also raise awareness about the importance of freedom of expression and collaborate with various stakeholders to create an environment conducive to open discourse. Additionally, the center will monitor and report on any violations of freedom of expression and media freedom in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI).

    1. Capacity Building for Journalists: ASFE is committed to enhancing the skills and knowledge of journalists. They will achieve this by organizing workshops, training programs, and seminars on various aspects of journalism, including ethics, investigative reporting, digital storytelling, and other relevant topics. This capacity building helps journalists excel in their profession and maintain high standards.
      1. Legal Assistance: ASFE will operate as a legal clinic, providing essential legal assistance to journalists and media professionals who face challenges related to freedom of expression. This assistance may include offering legal advice, representation, and resources to help individuals navigate the legal complexities often associated with their work.
        1. Access to Information: ASFE will actively support and advocate for journalists to gain access to information. This access is critical for ensuring a free and transparent society. It also plays a fundamental role in defending democracy and promoting transparency, as informed citizens are better equipped to make informed decisions.
          1. Female Journalists’ Empowerment: ASFE recognizes the importance of empowering female journalists. They aim to address the unique challenges faced by women in the media industry, promote their equal participation, and acknowledge the valuable contributions they make to journalism and society as a whole. This objective underscores the importance of fostering inclusivity and equity within the media industry.
        1. ASFE's strength lies in its diverse coalition of partner entities, each dedicated to the cause of media freedom and free expression. The partner entities include:

        1.  Aran Organization for Developing Civil Culture - Website

          1. Dange Nwe Radio Station - Facebook
          2. Dang Radio Station - Website
          3. IRO Organization for Community Development - Website
          4. Jasana Organization for Media and Freedom of Expression - Facebook
          5. NWE Organization - Website
          6. Spee Media (Newspaper) - Website