Earth Network

IRO Organization is one of the key members of the Earth Our Home Network which dedicated to fight for environmental and climate change issues since its establishment in 2013.  IRO supports management and coordination of Earth Network activities and programs in Iraq.

EHN is a local network encompasses organizations, groups and individuals with interest to protect environment and works to broaden its membership to cover other parts of Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

EHN works for raising awareness towards the issues of environment among the populations and the government foundations.

The Earth Network works in the field of awareness and advocacy for environmental issues and has conducted and continues to carry out several activities in these areas. Most of our activities are voluntary organized in coordination with the local NGOs and groups as well as government institutions.

EHN’s body consists of the following sectors:

-        General Board which consists of all EHN members

-        Administrative Board which consists of elected members

The EHN works for:

1. Preserving the natural resources to guarantee the current needs of the populations while not affecting the future generations,

2. Implementing the environmental impact assessment EIA process during project implementing especially those which have destructive impact on the environment,

3. Guarantee the balance between the community development and requirements for protecting the environment and its elements,

4. Increasing the green spaces in the urban areas to reduce impact of contaminating of the environment,

5. Raising awareness of the citizens towards their rights and responsibilities regarding the environment,

6. Processing and recycling Waste in the modern and scientific methods,

7.  Production of clean such as solar and wind power plants,

8. To include environment topics in the elementary school curricula and raising environmental awareness through the media.

9.  Activating the scientific centers for researching on the environmental issues and solutions. setting measurements for polluting materials on the bases of data from progressive countries and international organizations,

10. Activation of the environment laws and articles of the KRG and Iraq through the parliament and the related foundations as well as enforcement of the laws and the international conferences’ recommendations which related to the situation of KRG environment.


It worth mentioned that this network covers all districts of Sulaimaniyah Governorate and it has members from all areas. Many academics, parliament members, professionals and Government officials have become part of the Network such as the Directorate of Environment of Sulaimaniyah. Therefore, we aim through this project that the members of the EHN serve the goals and objectives of the Network as the first and widest Environment network and to cover all other parts the Kurdistan Region.

Earth Network was granted membership at the Climate Action Network Arab World

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Community Action Group

 Community Action Group – CAG is a consortium of Aran for Community Civilization ADCC and IRO Organization for Community Development) working for common goals in Kurdistan Region and includes individual activists, volunteers and free media journalists as well. CAG is committed to work for the respect of the human dignity, community mobilization and convey the needs of the local communities to the related Government foundations through diverse activities. CAG focus areas are those which directly impact the communities ‘lives such as working to reduce violence against female, raise environment awareness, developing youth capacities, monitoring government foundations, advocacy for the civic rights and delivery of the public services.

CAG has built a network of volunteer young people in many districts and train them to raise awareness of the populations on diverse issues through advocacy campaigns.

As civic actors we build ties with all other parts of the communities and share ideas, activities, goodwill and make partnership to serve our common goals. In this respect, we call for your support and cooperation with our network to sustain our communal activities.

The CAG considers the collaboration approach as a basis for activating the values of partnership and cooperation, integrating capabilities, rationalizing the use of resources, and building on people’s capabilities and experiences, and hence, the CAG works on basis of the following principles:

·       Share a vision for addressing people’s immediate needs and the underlying causes of suffering and injustice.

·       Make decisions at a level as close as possible to the people who will be affected by them.

·       Strive for mutuality, recognizing that each partner brings skills, resources, knowledge, and capacities in a spirit of autonomy.

·       Foster equitable partnerships by mutually defining rights and responsibilities.

·       Respect differences and commit to listen and learn from each other.

·       Encourage transparency.

·       Engage with civil society, to help transform unjust structures and systems.

·       Identify, understand, and strengthen community capacities, which are the primary source of solutions to local problems.

·       Promote sustainability by reinforcing partners’ capacity to identify their vulnerabilities and build on their strengths