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If you interested in joining the CCDP as a volunteer, please contact the program team at the given email and attach your CV:

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Climate Change Defenders Program 

Youth for Climate Change Initiative 

Iraq faces significant environmental challenges due to severe degradation, weak conservation efforts, inadequate environmental regulations, and institutional limitations. Climate change exacerbates these issues, leading to high temperatures, water scarcity, land salinity, sandstorms, and their associated disasters. These factors hinder development, poverty reduction, and resource conflict mitigation.

Waste management is a growing concern, with citizens and government solutions both contributing to the problem. Neglecting large-scale waste disposal harms the environment. Gases from factories, vehicles, and generators, along with river pollution and urban sprawl, further harm the climate.

To combat these challenges, IRO has launched an initiative to engage youth groups in a multifaceted activities' program to address the impact of climate deterioration.

The objective of the youth-led climate action initiative is to empower and amplify the voices of young leaders who are in uniquely position to drive impactful and innovative initiatives addressing the pressing climate challenges facing the country. By providing a platform for youth to showcase their creative solutions, IRO aims to foster a culture of environmental stewardship, encourage sustainable practices, and catalyze tangible actions that will contribute to the country’s climate resilience and sustainability goals. This initiative, while harnesses the energy and passion of the youth; it also recognizes their potential to lead transformative change in the fight against climate change, ultimately shaping a more sustainable and prosperous future for the country.

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Interested to Join?

If you interested in joining the CCDP as a volunteer, please contact the program team at the given email and attach your CV:

For more information contact via this email:

Community Mobilization

Climate Change Defenders Program 

IRO has launched Climate Change Definers Program which aims to preparing a generation of activists who understand the role of the humanity in the protection of the environment and promotion of the sustainable development. The program facilitates the exchange of experience to mobilize activists in activities related to environmental protection.

The program develops people capacities; provide them with skills and let them to practice the gained knowledge by planning and develop activities that would focus on the topic of environmental protection activities in their communities Read more


Right to Freedom of Expression in Kurdistan Region

The Right to Demonstrate under Law No. 11 of 2010 for Organizing Demonstrations

Advocacy for amendment of specific Articles

The right to demonstrate is one of the human rights inherent in all human beings, and the right to freedom of expression is considered one of its pillars. Meanwhile, states and public authorities must protect and guarantee rights and freedoms and ensure their exercise, especially those freedoms that guarantee the right to express opinion.

Read more


Roadmap for Climate Justice in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq

The IRO Organization for Community Development, in partnership with the Human Network for Health and Humanitarian Affairs, organized a workshop focusing on developing a strategy for advancing climate justice in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq as part of the Climate Change Defenders Program (CCDP). The event brought together numerous academics, civil society leaders, and environmentalists. It covered a range of topics essential for creating a practical framework for civil society groups and other stakeholders to address the impact of climate change on various aspects of human life. The workshop resulted in the identification of key elements for a climate change advocacy program roadmap. Read more.

Thematic Areas

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Climate and Environment

Work on environment protection, pollution, and climate change implications through partnership, awareness raising and campaigning  

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Human Rights

Advocacy and awareness about the basic through divers means and enable the vulnerable groups to engage actively

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Community Mobilization

To engage the communities to identify priorities, resources, needs and solutions to promote participation and good governance